The Effects of Media on the Development of Eating Disorders

Psychological disorders can be lethal. The mind is probably the trickiest part of the human anatomy because however, it functions, it will always have a significant effect on the rest of the body which can either be beneficial or destructive. Among the many different psychological disorders known, eating disorders probably are the greatest threat to humans. Eating disorders are highly destructive to both emotional and physical well-being suffering from it. People with eating disorders may suffer from a lot of symptoms that may vary from individual to individual. The effect of these eating disorders are so dramatic and can be deadly for others especially for some who do have poor mental health.

In today’s modern world where media hold great influence to almost all aspect of society, most specifically in the field of lifestyle and beauty, people have now become more conscious about how they can fit in. With the high standard that is set by trends that are highlighted through social media sites and other forms of media, people are trying their best to join the bandwagon. Unfortunately, double standards are inevitable. Everyone is trying to make themselves like others for them to belong. Today, media is the most powerful tool to spread influence in the present time.

In this modern society, body figures have now become a huge deal that a lot of people most especially women are very much concerned about how they can keep up with the standards in the society they live in. It is as if acceptance is dictated by how you appear in social media and in public and it’s as if the way others see other people is the way to see themselves. It is no wonder why other people have resorted to changing themselves, some even go to extreme measures. Some have gone to extreme diets that tend to lead to self- starvation, and some even go as far as plastic surgery.

People look up to what they see on media –  on TV, social media sites, on the Internet and magazines. Media has since been in our lives wherever we go. It plays an integral role in spreading ideas, trends, style and other information to people. Media has a way of highlighting what seems to be good in this world. On TV, we see models and celebrities and how they seem to be liked by many people because they look almost perfect. People try to be perfect and it is human nature to strive for perfection. However, there is always fault in the system. Gaining weight has become a concern for some people. For some people, it can become a mild concern but for some, it can develop into fear which can result to people developing a health disorder.

People with eating disorders obsess about their food intake. People who suffer such conditions often are intimidated by what they see on media and so they try to be like the image they see on media. They tend to develop low self-esteem that leads them to do things excessively even when not needed. Health disorders are serious illnesses that should be treated right away as it affects not only the emotional well-being of the person but on physical health as well where it is most impacted.

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The Danger in Bulimia

Eating disorders are serious and can be fatal illnesses that cause severe disturbances to a patient’s behavior to eating. People with such illnesses often have obsessions with food, body shape and weight which can be excessive and can lead to severe complications brought about by excessive attempts of patients to manipulate their body. Eating disorders tend to start at adolescence age not only due to puberty factors but may also be due to societal factors that impact a person. These conditions can also be carried to adulthood if not detected or treated earlier.

One of the most common eating disorder is Bulimia Nervosa. Bulimia is an obsessive compulsive eating disorder. People with bulimia have the tendency to consume large amounts of food in a short period of time. People affected by this condition can take up food that may exceed to 3,000 calories in an hour only to throw them up after.

Bulimia is a condition similar to Anorexia since it is also a mental illness concerned about resistance to gaining weight. Unlike anorexia, a bulimic patient does not resort to eating less to any. Instead, a person with bulimia is caught in a cycle of taking in a large quantity of food which is regarded as “bingeing” and then “purging”, that leads to vomiting which can be induced by taking laxatives or diuretics in order to prevent gaining weight.

Bulimic patients feel that they have lost control of their eating and evaluates themselves according to their weight and form. Unlike anorexia, bulimic patients often have their weight at a normal healthy range however the mental state worsens the situation. People who suffer this condition tend to get intimidated and guilty about their eating behavior. People in this condition eat excessively and as quickly as possible to feel happier and fill whatever hole they feel inside but feel emotionally upset and guilty afterward thus resolving to take laxatives or force themselves to throw up whatever food they ate.

Like anorexia, bulimia causes patients to have very low self-esteem that may result to self-harm. These kinds of disorders do not only affect the patient’s health but as well as their relationships. Some may experience symptoms such as tiredness, the feeling of bloating, abdominal pain, constipation, irregular menstruation (for girls) and more. While depriving your body of food is bad for the body, forcing your body to take in food beyond their limit is not beneficial to health as well.

When a patient is vomiting excessively, it can develop to problems with the teeth and laxative misuse can lead to heart complications. In some instances, bulimia can start developing from anorexia but not all cases.

Since mental illnesses need to be seriously addressed, the family and friends of the patients must continuously give their family member suffering from this condition support to help them recover and have the will to correct their eating patterns and instead eat healthily.

An In-Depth Understanding to Anorexia Nervosa

An In-Depth Understanding to Anorexia Nervosa

Ever know or saw someone so thin they actually look like they’re going to be blown out somewhere whenever it gets windy? Ever know someone who eats so little but feels guilty about eating what they feel like they binged out a serving for five people? If so, maybe you should advise them to see the doctor – something is definitely alarming about them.

In this modern era where body figures are a huge deal in the society, a lot of people most especially women are very much concerned about how to keep their figures acceptable by the society. It is as if their acceptance to their society depends solely on their appearance and with that alone, gaining weight has become a concern to some people. For others, it can become a mild concern but for some, it can develop into fear which can result to people developing a health disorder.

Anorexia is a serious mental illness associated with the mentality of keeping their body weight low – excessively. It is a potentially dangerous and life threatening condition characterized by fear of gaining weight resulting for a person with anorexia to resort to starvation to achieve weight loss which can be excessive. Although this condition appears to anyone, it is most common in girls during adolescence which may be carried into adulthood.

People with anorexia (anorexia nervosa) keep their weight low by extreme dieting, induced vomiting, by taking laxatives or exercising excessively. Since it is a mental illness, anorexics see themselves differently compared to what normal people see them in terms of their body. For instance, seeing a distorted image of themselves thinking they are too fat even when they are not. Some patients even often hear from their subconscious voices telling them how fat they are. This leads them to go to extreme measures just to lose the “extra” weight that they think they have.

Anorexic people often see weight loss as an achievement that boosts their confidence. These people tend to have very low confidence and poor self-esteem. Being a mental illness, this is probably one of the reasons why some affected by it often go to great attempts to hide their behavior from their loved ones. However, some may also not be aware that they have such condition. Along with this mentality, comes depression, anxieties, alcohol misuse and even suicidal tendencies.

This mental illness is a serious condition due to the effects of starvation on the body. Since the body is deprived of nutrients that the body needs for normal function, physical problems can occur such as loss of muscle and bone strength that lead to osteoporosis, menstrual cycle for women will get irregular or will stop and men can suffer from impotence.

Correcting the mentality of the patient is needed to teach the body to take in food and not reject it. Family plays an integral part in the recovery of a patient with anorexia. This illness can only be cured through the willingness of the patient to cure themselves with the help of other people’s encouragement.


Warning Signs of Eating Disorders You Need to Look Out For

Out of all the psychological disorders today, what do you think could be the most fatal? If your guess is eating disorders, well, you absolutely got it right.

Eating disorders are serious mental health conditions that cause sufferers to lose their ability to control their eating habits. These illnesses have tremendous negative impact on both physical and emotional health of the person which eventually affects generally on how a person functions in various domains of a person’s life. Eating disorders generally are generally developed from an excessive focus to one’s body figure especially on weight that results from paranoia about body changes. Eating disorders can also stem out from major life events or even traumatic experiences the person encountered.

Eating disorders are usually developed during the adolescent age which is often carried along adulthood. It excludes no gender but these conditions mostly affect women. These psychological conditions are better to be diagnosed early than later when the condition becomes severe that it causes a negative impact on the patient’s life in general.

By learning about different types of eating disorders, you can get a sense of whether you experience symptoms that may lead to such disorders. However, it is better to have a proper diagnosis from a qualified and licensed mental health professional if you have initially suspect yourself or a loved one with eating disorders. Remember that early intervention can definitely save someone’s life by promoting recovery.

Here are some of the warning signs that you should look out for to detect possibilities of having eating disorders:

Behavioral Signs

  • Constant or extreme dieting ( extreme urge to diet, cutting out food groups, constantly follows diet fads no matter how weird they get
  • Binge eating
  • Constant vomiting after consuming food
  • Using Laxatives to vomit (frequent bathroom trips to vomit after eating)
  • Compulsive exercise patterns or excessive workouts (even when injured, in rough weathers, having a strong urge to exercise no matter what
  • Being too OC when preparing food (calories calculated every meal, being too picky and mindful of what and how much food to bring to the mouth, too much meal planning)
  • Wearing baggy clothes to hide figure
  • Being too conscious about the body especially when it comes to weight
  • Denial of hunger

Physical Signs

  • Evident loss in weight (can be excessive, rapid)
  • Fainting and dizziness
  • Getting cold easily
  • Irregular menstrual periods ( or worse loss of mensuration for females)
  • Frequent vomiting
  • Fatigue

Psychological Signs

  • Being too conscious to the point of increased preoccupation with body figure, weight, and appearance
  • Intense fear of weight gain
  • Over-sensitivity to criticism regarding the body especially on weight
  • Over-sensitivity to food and anything that has to do with it
  • Extreme dissatisfaction with body (saying they are this and that pertaining to body even when they are not)
  • Low self-esteem
  • Depression or anxiety especially on meal times
  • Constant mood swings

It is important to know the warning signs of an eating disorder as theses may indicate whether you or someone is in the danger of developing one or if they already have. Warning signs are sometimes hard to notice or even detect. Some people who already have the symptoms do not usually know feel embarrassed about having it. Since these are psychological disorders, they may be hard to detect without proper observation and diagnosis.


Types of Eating Disorders That You Need To Know

Eating disorders are serious psychological conditions that need intervention once detected. These mental illnesses destroy lives once it gets worst. Anorexia and bulimia are only some of the most common eating disorders that most of us are familiar with. These health conditions affect not only on the mental and physical health of the person but as well as its capacity to function in the society, all these factors contribute to fatality. These conditions also affect the emotional health of the person making them suffer self-rejection that eventually causes depression and anxieties as well as challenges in building relationships with other people.

By being aware of the kinds of eating disorders and knowing about them, one can assess if they or the people they know might be suffering from eating disorders. Due to the stigma of society about mental illness, people with eating disorders tend to keep this fact about them in secret. These psychological illnesses cannot be dealt with by the patient alone. These conditions need an intervention – support and treatment by professionals as well as the understanding by the close people around the sufferers of the condition.

Here are some of the eating disorders that you need to know:

1.Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia Nervosa or commonly referred to as anorexia has the highest mortality rate of mental disorders which are generally caused by complications due to extreme starvation or suicide. People with this condition severely restrict what they eat,  are too bodily conscious that they keep the tab to their weight after consuming food. These patients often view themselves as larger than they are resulting for people to resort to extreme diet even when not needed, starvation, laxative misuse, and vomiting.

2.Bulimia Nervosa

In contrast with anorexia, Bulimia involves uncontrollable binging episodes that make patients eat large amounts of food over a short period of time only to vomit them later. After binging a lot of food, they purge their body to make up for the guilt of binging. As a way they resolve to take laxatives, induced vomiting, exercising excessively and fasting.

3.Binge Eating Disorder

Binge Eating Disorder or  B.E.D is a disorder that is similar to bulimia minus the purging after eating. Many people with such condition are overweight which often leads to obesity.


This condition is often referred as reverse anorexia. Bigorexia is typically seen in men which are most common to bodybuilders or weightlifters. It is a body image disorder where the person feels that their body or build is too small no matter how normal, big or muscular they actually are. These people with such condition often do excessive work outs and spend excessive hours in the gym.

5.Nocturnal Sleep Related Eating Disorder (NS RED)

NS RED is both an eating and sleeping disorder. People affected by such will eat while sleep walking. People with NS RED will not have any memories of such behavior. This condition is often triggered by food deprivation, stress, and depression. Patients often find themselves waking up in front of the refrigerator or with food in hand or in the face.

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Natural Health and Diet Supplements

While it may have been unthinkable just a few decades ago, we have figured out the exact science to how we can maximize our own potential. The innovation that is dietary supplements is the manifestation of this important scientific breakthrough. Needless to say, everything from smart drugs, nootropics and health supplements fall under this category.

Yet, despite its many forms, natural dietary health supplements have been proven to be the most popular choice for people looking to improve specific aspects of their lives. This article delves into what sets these supplements apart from the rest and what makes them so effective.

Natural Supplements

Natural health and diet supplements come in many forms. For instance, there are multivitamins for men and women. This is usually for people looking to improve their overall well-being. These multivitamins usually include all the basic nutrients a person will need throughout the day. What makes them so interesting is that they are designed to complement your entire diet. By taking these pills, you can be sure that you get all the nutrients you need despite certain limitations in your food intake.

Of course, there are also other natural supplements which serve a specific purpose such as collagen pills and phytoceramides. The same principle also applies for eye vitamins which seek to improve your sight over time. It does so by providing the specific nutrients that serve that very purpose. More often than not, these supplements provide your body with nutrients that it would be unable to consume on its own lest you start binging on a specific type of food for several days.

Additionally, there are also natural supplements which seek to normalize the individual’s body conditions. Liver detox supplements do exactly that. These pills do not just bring nutrients to your body, it also works on removing the toxins which have accumulated in your liver over a certain period of time. This particular supplement becomes extremely useful for people who have a history of excessive alcohol intake.

Diet Supplements

As stated earlier, dietary supplements work to complement what the body consumes through eating. That being said, you need to be careful of what you eat. It would simply be unwise for you to keep eating unhealthy food while you take your dietary supplements. That being said, the same rule also applies to your daily routine which can inadvertently affect the effectiveness of your supplements. This includes your sleep patterns, eating habits, exercise, and general lifestyle.

Of course, it also wouldn’t hurt if you fully understood the contents of your supplements. It is vital that it contains ingredients which support healthy weight management. The following are just a couple of examples.

  • 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP)
  • Probiotics
  • GTF Chromium
  • 7-keto DHEA
  • Glucomannan
  • Pure Forskolin
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Relora
  • Ashwagandha
  • Caralluma
  • Rhodiola
  • Green Coffee Bean
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Magnolia
  • Metamucil
  • Carb blockers

Whatever your goals may be, you cannot be haphazard about it. After all, the pills can only do so much. At the end of the day, in order for your supplements to succeed, you need to be entirely committed to the overall process.

What Are The Benefits of CLA

Online Supplement Superstore

For the longest time, we have been trying to reach the pinnacle of Human potential. Yet, before the introduction of health supplements, it has remained an untapped well. Needless to say, this desire to better ourselves is the driving force behind this important technological innovation. With the introduction of online supplement superstores, the power to achieve your full potential has been put right at your finger tips.

People are often striving to look and feel as good as they can. With all the beautiful people in the media and on TV, stereotyping this “beauty image”. Even something like acne, which many teenagers suffer from, could cause them distress and to search for a suitable solution. Something like a nexcare acne absorbing cover which can hide and absorb any unsightly facial acne.

This article answers a couple of important questions regarding the proper use of dietary supplements.  Whether you are using a diet pills or vitamins and supplements, you need to know and review each  at a supplement store before use. This is so that you know how to do it safely and properly. Aside from that, it also delves into the innovation that is online supplement stores.

Basic Considerations for Supplement Use

There is a common misconception among consumers that supplement intake is as simple as picking a random supplement and taking it every day. However, nothing could be further from the truth. After all, there is a science to effective supplement use. In order for you to do it effectively, you must take the following things into consideration.

  • Personal Area for Improvement – If you are planning on taking supplements then chances are there specific areas which you want to improve. For instance, do you want to lose weight? Are you looking to improve your memory retention? Maybe you are looking to enhance your focus levels? Deciding which area you want to improve is an initial but vital step in the process. Needless to say, your choice will greatly influence the choice of supplements.
  • Personal Goals – Knowing which aspect of your self is one thing. However, it is also vital that you have a concrete goal for your supplement regime. For instance, if you plan on taking diet pills, it would serve you well to have an ideal weight target. This gives you something to strive for and makes the whole process feel more real.
  • Health Considerations – Before you start taking pills, it is paramount that you pay a visit to your doctor first so that you can inform them of your plans. Of course, most supplements are completely safe. However, professional medical advice is crucial so that you can ensure that the supplements you plan on taking won’t have any negative reactions to your body.
  • Dietary Considerations – It is vital that readers understand the importance of one’s diet. Supplements are just that, secondary sources of vitamins and nutrients. The old adage you are what you eat definitely applies to situations like these. This also means avoiding food that may counteract the effects of your supplements.

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With the right supplements, you can become anything you want to be. With online supplement superstores, the task has been made so much more affordable.

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Uses and Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oils have been part of human life for years in many cultures and nations. Essential oils serve multiple uses in everyday life. Essential oils are produced from extracts of different parts of a certain plant which individually produce their own uses and benefits.  It could be used to enhance psychological and physical well being of an individual, cosmetics, cleaning material and most of all, it could serve as a medicine to enhance health of the person depending on what and how the product is used.  The thing about essential oils is that in terms of using it for medicine, it is pretty much organic that it provides no side effect.


This is a plant that many of us see with the color violet and many of us like. Aside from its breathtaking blooms, lavenders are very fragrant which is also why many uses this as an ingredient in making perfumes.  The thing about lavenders that made it very useful and common in making essential oils is that because it is equipped with soothing and calming qualities that calms irritation, relieves anxiousness and depression, and cures insomnia. This herb is very good for the skin which promotes perfect benefits of essential oils.  Therefore essential oils basically offer fragrance and advantages with lavenders in it.


This is a menthol plant which is considered as one of the ancient European herbs that are used for medicine.  It goes back to Greek Mythology too. This is frequently used as food flavouring and to add fragrance to make-ups and soaps. Peppermint as essential oil can even serve as a medicine to improve one’s health that can be supplements for the body and ointments for the skin. Similarly to lavenders, an essential oil with peppermints provides a calming effect and cool sensation to the body. This is suggested to certain illness like nausea and gastric lining as it has the capacity to reduce muscular spasms. It even refreshes the breath,  cure headaches, increase mental capacity or focus, and even boosts energy. However, peppermints could result to side effects and are dependent to the person who intakes medication as it affects with the peppermint. Its basic use and benefit is for dietary supplements and skin care.


This is from a evergreen tree that mostly grows in Australia. The thing about eucalyptus is that it heals wounds fast which was a basic ingredient for folk medicine. This cleanses toxic in the body that allows it to heal certain common sickness. It can even provide nourishment, like our hair. It can even serve as a cleaner as it removes dirt. Eucalyptus also reduces odor, removes spots and treats wounds. It doesn’t also work as a medicine but it is also useful for the household as essential oils from eucalyptus can be converted to certain products that could be used at home.  Moreover, it boosts the immune system of the person, soothes anxiety and stress,  cure respiratory issues,  improve skin care, prevents and manages diabetes, and decreases inflammatory activities. However, the raw product of eucalyptus is poisonous, potent and very dangerous for any person unable to know its qualities. Also, taking enough and appropriate amount of eucalyptus must me noted. Intake of unofficial measure is dangerous as it is extremely toxic. Get more information in this healthy living blog.


Types of Headaches

1. Migraine

Migraine can cause throbbing pain sensation. This usually occurs only to one side of the head. The exact cause of migraine is hard to tell. However, before migraine takes into effect, these are the common symptoms to be observed;

A. Sensitivity to light or sound
B. Mood swings
C. Food cravings
D. Stiffnecks
E. Increased urination and thirst
F. Nausea
G. Eye pain
H. Frequent yawning
I. Constipation
J. Vomitting


2. Cluster Headaches

Cluster headaches are a daily series of short headaches that goes on for weeks or months. The exact cause of cluster headaches are unknown. However, there are symptoms before cluster headaches occurs. These symptoms are usually observed;

A. Swollen eyelid
B. Runny nose
C. Red eyes
D. Flushed face
E. Restless feeling

There are also things that triggers cluster headaches. These includes;

A. Smoking
B. Alcohol
C. Change of weather
D. Strong odor
E. Bright lights
F. Hot showers


3. Concussion Headaches

A concussion is a mild traumatic injury. This is due to a shock or something that causes the head and the brain to shake quickly back and forth. Because of this it can alter the mental state of the person and might as well become unconscious.

A. Distorted memory
B. State of confusion
C. Slow reflexes
D. No sense of balance
E. Dizzyness
F. Irratability
G. Drosiness
H. Nausea
I. Light and noise sensitivity
J. Mild headaches
K. Vomitting


4. Ocular Migraine

Ocular migraine is also known as retinal migraines. It is an eye condition which causes visual problems and if worse, blindess. The blindness usually occurs on one eye and lasts for some time like an hour or so. This problem is rare that it is most likely to occur to 0.5% of all people who have migraine.

Ocular or retinal migraines has these symptoms;

A. One side of the head is in effect
B. Feels in pain
C. Nausea
D. Has a pulsating feeling
E. It feels worse when you move your head
F. Vomitting



5. Caffeine Headache

There are plenty of people who likes caffeinated drinks such as coffee and energy drinks. However, this might cause a certain kind of headache as well. Caffeine can cure and cause headaches so there is a need to understand which one cures and which one causes it.

These are some of the caffeine headache symptoms;

A. Headache
C. Blocked sinuses
D. Insomnia
E. Nausea
F. Vomitting
G. Brain fog
H. Muscle pain
I. Depression
J. Lethargy
K. Constipation
L. Sleepiness
M. Stuffy nose

What to take for caffeine headache? There are a number of remedies from over the counter pain medicines, natural treatments or just sleep!

6. Sinus Headache

Sinus and migraine are often confused to be the same. This is because the signs and symptoms of these two usually overlaps. However, the difference might be this; sinuses are usually not associated with nausea or vomitting which are common indications for migraines.

These are some of the symptoms of sinuses;

A. Runny nose
B. Fever
C. Swelling of face
D. Ear problems


7. Stress

Stress can lead to several kinds of problems. One problem that stress can cause are headaches. This works in an annoying way for stress has the potential to make you have headaches and headaches stresses you more. The best way to start and help yourself is to get rid of stress. Well, we experience a lot of stresses in our daily lives. In other words, we can not stop stress. It is part of life. However, we can lessen the stresses we receive and make it under control. There are plenty of ways to lessen stress, these includes;

A. Yoga
B. Meditation
C. Sleep
D. Stress balls

Check out this information on the different types of headaches today.


Listen to What Your Body is Telling You

“Health is wealth”. This is undoubtedly true. We often hear these phrases when we talk about health and it should be made priority by any individual for any person who is healthy can do and contribute much better things.

There are many ways on how to know if a person is healthy. Today, as technology advances, there exist hospitals where we could have regular check-ups. But before all that, our body can give us bunch of signals that may indicate whether we or we are not healthy.

Listening to your body is a must. There is a need to listen and to work with your body as one. There will be risks and negative effects if one neglects to listen to his or her own body. If you are hungry, then eat. If you are tired, then rest.

You are in control of your own body. Yes, you are the one who can manage yourself. You are your own person. Listening to your body will beneficial to you. However, neglecting your body needs may have corresponding consequences, some of which takes some time to show. Thus, do not abuse your own body.

There are plenty of indications that our body might show. These are some of it;

1. Allergies

Our body has a defense mechanism of its own. It could detect and react to foods or things that you are allergic to. For food allergies, there might be some sort of food which is not fit for you for your body is allergic to it. There are so many food allergies which include, allergic to shrimp, prawns, chicken, sweets, sour, spicy, etc.For other types of allergies, these include things like dust, sunlight, cold, heat, etc. These allergies can have a mild reaction and can also have deadly or fatal reactions. Listening to your body and caring for it would be most prescribed.

2. Symptoms of sickness

This is the most common indication that our body might tell us. Before most sicknesses start, our body may show several symptoms. Knowing these symptoms may help us prepare and know what particular sickness we are experiencing. It would be best to take the precautionary measures to minimize and avoid making it worse. These are some examples;

A. Symptoms of an ocular migraine;

  • Sensitivity to light or sound
  • Mood swings
  • Food cravings
  • Stiffnecks
  • Increased urination and thirst
  • Nausea
  • Eye pain
  • Frequent yawning
  • Constipation
  • Vomitting

B. Symptoms of flu;

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Runny nose
  • Body aching
  • Head ache
  • Fatigue

3. Stress

Stress is a problematic word. It has the potential to transform or cause other several problems. It can cause fatigue, headaches, psychological and emotional problems, etc.

By definition fatigue which is also referred to as exhaustion is a physical and/or mental state of being tired. One cause why fatigue occurs is due to sleep deprivation. When we lack sleep, our body may experience these other consequences;

  • Lack of response
  • Slow or bad memory
  • Slow reflexes
  • Abnormal behaviors
  • Fatigue
  • Eye bags
  • Depression
  • Hastens aging
  • Gain weight