What Are The Benefits of CLA

Losing weight is a popular New Year’s resolution for a lot of people. Unfortunately, a lot of people are taking the wrong steps whenever they are planning to lose weight. And just how bad is obesity worldwide?

Obesity is a serious problem in the US and other parts of the world. What exactly is the definition of obesity? If you have a BMI of 30 and above, you are considered obese. According to statistics made by CDC, 2 in 3 adults in the US are considered either overweight or obese. In addition to this, 1 in 3 adults is considered obese.

There are a number of causes why people become obese. The reason mainly is that people are eating too much while moving so little. Once you become obese, you become prone to having a heart attack and even cancer.

Now, it is important not only to exercise but to also have the right meal and supplements. One of the most popular supplements in the market today is Branched Chain Amino Acids. There’s a lot of hype behind BCAAs. However, does it really help in your weight loss goal? Here are reasons why it does help.

BCAAs can help build damaged muscles

One of the reasons why you need BCAAs is to help the rebuild muscles. Branched chain amino acids are found in the 35% of the muscle proteins. Once you have built your muscles, it is easier to control the body’s metabolic rate. Muscles burn more calories than fats.

Readily available

So why not take whey protein? Whey protein takes a bit of time in order to reach your muscle fibers. As for BCAAs, it goes directly into your skeletal muscles. This makes it the perfect drink whenever you are also working out. It helps reduce muscle catabolism especially if you take it in the middle of your workout. In fact, BCAA can be absorbed by the body in just 30 to 40 minutes.

Good for a caloric deficient diet

For athletes that need to lose weight, it is crucial that they maintain their muscle mass. However, consuming food with other macronutrients can jeopardize the weight cutting process. That’s where BCAAs enter the picture. BCAAs can help provide the necessary amino acids to help maintain muscle mass without adding additional calories.

Leucine is important in building muscle and losing fats

Based on research, the most important branched chain amino acid is leucine. A high ratio of leucine in your BCAA can help your body build muscle at a faster rate. It can also help you lose fats faster in the process.

Provides energy

There are instances when those who are on diet tend to feel sluggish due to the caloric deficient diet that they have. One of the things that BCAAs provide is a chance to keep your body’s energy level up.

Losing body fat can be challenging. There are many factors at play whenever you are going to shed fats the right way. It is important to not catabolize the muscles if your goal is to still maintain functionality. The use of BCAA is a great way to improve your physique.

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whey protein supplements

Getting a good workout isn’t enough. In fact, even pro athletes will tell you that it is always 70% what you eat and only 30% your workout. Regardless of your goal, it is important to have whey supplements after your sessions.

For starters, what exactly is whey? Whey is a byproduct of dairy. It separates during the process of cheese production. Whey is also found in milk. There are two types of protein that is found in your milk. Milk’s protein is part casein (80%) and part whey (20%).

Over the years, it has been used as a supplement especially after a good workout. Here are some reasons why you should be going for whey supplement after your workout.

Whet Supplements fill in the protein deficiency

Do you ever wonder if you are actually eating enough protein? A lot of people eat a lot of carbs and fats on their diet but never protein. Protein is a good way to help build muscle, especially after a workout. This means that if you are consuming whey, it helps fill in the protein requirements of the body.

Based on research, if you ever want to build muscle mass, it is important to eat as much protein relevant to your weight. If you weigh 150 pounds, for instance, you will need to eat at least 150 grams of protein every day. Unfortunately, that would also mean a lot of unnecessary calories without whey supplements.

Helps you lose fats

One of the reasons why you should be taking whey supplement is for the obvious reason that you can lose fat. How exactly does it work? Whey protein can help build your muscles. And this means that even after your workout, your muscles are still going to burn calories. In the process, you will be losing fats even at rest.

Build on your strength

It has been proven that the presence of amino acids and whey can help build strength. This is valuable, especially for professional athletes. According to a study, the best result usually happens when you take whey an hour before your workout and an hour after your workout.

Reduce your cravings

One of the reasons fail on their weight loss goals is because of their cravings. Whey can help you fight cravings. It has been discovered that whey reduces the level of ghrelin which is a hormone that signals the brain that your body is hungry. Consuming whey can have its effects up to 4 hours.

Manage your stress

Stress is one of the many reasons why people overeat and why people tend to feel tired. Whey has been known to help manage stress. It has been seen that those who consumed whey have lessened the chances of getting depressed.

Improve overall immunity

If you want to maximize your productivity, it is important that you take care of your health. Whey has been known to improve your overall immunity. Aerobic exercise can reduce the level of glutathione in the body. However, it has been proven that whey can help reverse this scenario.

There are many whey supplements in the market today. Feel free to read the labels and see which one is the best option for you.


When your child complains about a headache, your natural instinct tells you to call the doctor immediately.  However, there will be instances when you can’t get professional help right away and so the best course of action is to deal with it first at home while a physician can’t be reached or is unavailable at the moment.

There are many ways of providing relief to a child who’s complaining about a headache.

Talk to your child reassuringly.  A headache can definitely upset a young child because he doesn’t know what to do.  All he knows is that he is in pain and just wants it to go away.  Tell him you are there to make him feel better.  If he tells you he doesn’t want to miss a day in school, try to listen.  Understand why he says so and tries to talk him into staying at home to rest.

Once you have contacted your family physician or pediatrician, describe to him the nature of your child’s headache.  He will ask questions about your child so be as detailed and accurate as possible with your answers.   By doing so, you will be helping your doctor make an accurate diagnosis and thus select the best relief for your child.

The following treatments offer relief for a mild headache among children:

Acetaminophen and ibuprofen

There are many over-the-counter pain relievers available for kids nowadays.  Acetaminophen and ibuprofen are two of the commonly used pain and headache medicines.  But follow the doctor’s advice regarding which headache medicine to buy and the exact dosage to administer.

Cold packs

Dip a clean cloth in cold water.   Wring it dry and apply it on his head where it hurts.  You may also take a clean cloth, wrap ice in it, and apply it on his head.  If you keep a gel pack in the freezer, wrap it in a thin cloth and apply on the head to ease the pain.  Use only cold packs as heat can aggravate a headache.

Rest and sleep

Bring your child to his room or a quiet place.  Turn the lights off, keeping the room dark and comfortably cool.  Mild to moderate headaches will subside once your child is rested.  Keep gadgets away from him so he won’t be tempted to use them in case he feels a little better


Give him plenty of liquids.  Water is the best but if he likes to drink fresh fruit juice, you may offer it to him too.  Just remember not to give him any food or drink that contains caffeine as this will only aggravate the situation.

Watch out for other symptoms

Has he developed a high fever?  Is he feeling weaker or has he suddenly developed vision problems?  Does he appear disoriented?  Be on the lookout for these other signs as these could point to more serious health issues.  Call your doctor when any of these occurs and follow his advice.

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Headaches are quite a common complaint among many people,  young or old.  Headaches can run from the very subtle or extremely painful and throbbing.  It can be short-lived as in the case of mild headaches or may last for days as it is with a migraine.

For generations, acupressure has helped a good number of patients suffering from a migraine.  Pain above the neck area is usually triggered by too much tension in the muscles and vascular imbalance.  Pain can be managed efficiently via acupressure inasmuch as the pain points are quite palpable and so even the slightest application of pressure on these points could bring instant relief.  Acupressure enables to the body to give off endorphin – a known pain killer naturally produced by the body.

Which regions in the body should you apply pressure to in order to stop a pounding headache?

The face and head region

Pressure points on the face are teeming with energy.  This energy when activated flows down from the head and face.  The third eye is found in the gap between your eyebrows and considered still a part of your forehead.  When you apply pressure on this area for a minimum of one minute, you will soon feel some relief from a headache and even eye strain.  As a bonus, it also aids in concentration.

Meanwhile, pressure points on the temple area start slightly above the ear and about four more points down, following the curve of your ear.  For great results, apply pressure on these five points simultaneously.   This offers relief for tension-type headaches as well as headaches caused by dental conditions.

Let’s go to the nostril area where two more pressure points are found. These points are found on each side of your nostrils.  When you have a tension headache or sinuses, applying pressure on these is the best route.

The neck and shoulder region

Now, let’s proceed to the neck and shoulder regions.  Do you know that there are two important pressure points found in these areas?    At the back of your neck, you will find the “wind pool”.  Feel the back of your neck near its base.  Find the two spots between your spine and your left and right ear.  Applying pressure on these two areas simultaneously will help ease migraines and can even unblock congestion in the nasal passages.  Let’s move down to your shoulders.  Feel that point between each shoulder and the back of your neck.  Once found, apply some pressure.  This will relieve a headache that is caused by neck stiffness.

Acupressure, a good alternative

A headache is experienced by many people and while it is a common occurrence, it shouldn’t be ignored.  While there are a lot of pain killers available over the counter, acupressure can be used as an alternative to treating migraine or a headache.   It is inexpensive and you don’t have to visit your physician because you can do it right in the comforts of your home.


Millions of people around the world suffer from all types of headaches, and migraine is just one of the top complaints among headache sufferers.  What is so bad about a migraine is that it can be extremely bothersome.  You can’t work.  You can’t even go through your usual daily routine.

Are you suffering from a migraine attack?  If so, you may have taken medications just to ease the pain despite the known side effects.   While effective as a treatment for headaches, some drugs can cause sleepiness, general weakness, dry mouth, and dizziness.  Some drugs may even cause weight gain, over time.

Study on cannabis and migraine sufferers

There are more and more studies revealing that cannabis can be reliable for migraine and headache cures, apart from other ailments.

One study explained why cannabis works effectively against a migraine.  Cannabinoids found in cannabis effectively binds with the body’s endocannabinoids.   These receptors are predominant in the human brain but persons with a migraine have limited levels of these receptors, making them more prone to pain and enlargement of blood vessels.   Studies conducted on lab animals reveal that whenever there is a high level of endocannabinoid activity in the brain, pain signals from the brain are fewer.

A prestigious university specializing in Pharmacy studied cannabis and the healing it can offer to people with a migraine.  More than a hundred participants who suffered from migraine attacks were given cannabis through ingestion and inhalation.  The results were promising.

About 40 percent of the subjects who have a migraine said they have felt better after taking cannabis.  Also, the incidence of migraine attacks went down to around 5 as against 10, when cannabis was still out of the picture.  In addition, more than 80% of the participants claimed that each passing month of taking cannabis, migraine attacks have declined.   Their capacity to work and function as an individual has improved.

It is interesting to note that inhaled cannabis (according to participants) delivered the fastest relief for a migraine versus those taken orally.

Inhaled vs ingested cannabis

Inhaled cannabis is taken through smoking or vaping.  Ingesting edible cannabis, while also effective, may not offer faster relief.  Moreover, oral cannabis may induce vomiting among migraine sufferers.  Even if you smoke or vape cannabis and then throw up eventually, you have already absorbed cannabinoids, components of cannabis that’s critical to migraine treatment.   Migraine sufferers who have gastric issues will also fare better with inhaled cannabis.


The dosage will vary of course depending on your age, weight, and severity of a migraine but professionals advice to take a very low dosage initially, gradually increasing until you feel relieved.  Take note of your symptoms and the point at which they have improved.  If your migraine is more of the chronic type, then a higher dosage may offer quick relief.

While cannabis proves to bring relief to migraine sufferers, they also have side effects, as it is with many drugs in the market.


There are many ways of beating the enemy when your enemy is an impending headache.  One way to beat a foe is to disable him outright.  Find out how to beat headaches before they beat you.

Drugs that arrest an impending migraine

One way to tame or disable a migraine is to take medications that will stop a migraine from happening at all.  These drugs work before your migraine even starts because they stop blood vessels from becoming inflamed.

When taking drugs, take it at a time when you feel you are most vulnerable.  Finding out when the enemy will show its ugly face is the best time to take non-migraine drugs.  It’s like arming yourself with a weapon so a migraine won’t do you any harm, and pain.   Drugs that combine naproxen sodium with a triptan, which stops dilation of blood vessels have been formulated for use of migraine sufferers.   The goal is to arrest triggers of a migraine.

Another drug has been formulated to stop the production of a type of protein called CGRP which is unusually high among migraine sufferers.

Taking non-migraine drugs                  

There are drugs used for the treatment of illnesses that are not related to migraines but are a big boon to migraine sufferers.  This is because these drugs help suppress certain activities in the brain that could trigger a migraine.   Beta-blockers, anti-seizure drugs, NSAIDs, calcium-channel blockers, and tricyclic antidepressants are some examples of such drugs that aren’t intended for migraines but do contain properties that help prevent migraines from taking place.

While some of these drugs have known side-effects such as weight loss, weight gain, or even cognitive impairment, the trick is to choose which side-effect you can handle.

Supplements as a preventive

People who are averse to medication or have issues with taking one could also turn to supplements to stop a migraine.  A US neurologist reported that coenzyme Q10, magnesium, and vitamin B-2, can help control migraines.

Pregnant women will do well with supplements instead of taking drugs to relieve headaches.  Even children can safely take magnesium but under the supervision of a physician or a parent.  Give it three months or more to feel the healing effect.  While entirely safe when taken at the right dosages, it may, however, cause diarrhea for some people who are predisposed to it.  For patients who are prone to diarrhea, then vitamin B-2 is a good substitute to magnesium.

Drug timing

Instead of taking medications on a regular basis, taking them at the opportune time may work for those who don’t want to take drugs every day.  So when is the right time?  Of course, it will vary depending on what triggers your headache.

For instance, if your headache is triggered by the onset of a menstrual cycle, then take it before the cycle starts.  If your headache is triggered by changes in altitude, then take your prescribed drug a few days before you go on a hiking expedition.


There are many factors that bring on a dull, throbbing headache.  Tension from the workplace, arguments, and even the traffic situation can give you a full-blown headache.

But don’t worry.  These headaches are your body’s natural reaction to stress.  Tension triggers a contraction in the muscles near your head and down to your neck, resulting in a tension headache.  Constricted blood vessels that become dilated could result to migraines.  Throbbing headaches may result from a sinus condition.

But do you know that these types of headaches can be relieved by items that may be lying around in your own kitchen?

Let’s take a closer look.

Oil of thyme and rosemary

Take a few drops of oil from herbs like rosemary or thyme and gently rub on your forehead repeatedly.  Rubbing on both temples will also offer relief.   Stay calm and sit in a quiet place in your home while letting the oil do its job.  About seven years ago, a study revealed that carvacrol, an essential component of rosemary and thyme, acts as an inflammatory.

Butterbur extracts

Migraine relief can be obtained from butterbur, a well-known herb.  Even doctors who are experts in the treatment of a migraine admit to recommending it to many of their patients with headaches.  Petadolex is chiefly made of extracts of butterbur and is available over-the-counter.   Three separate studies have shown that the herb does lessen the incidence of migraine attacks.  If you have a headache, take butterbur twice a daily.  Initially, start with a two 75-mg dosage every day and continue doing so for a month.  Afterwards, you may reduce intake to two 50 mg of the herb daily.

Ginger root tea

Do you know that the common ginger in your pantry can also help alleviate your migraine?  Ginger can prevent prostaglandin synthesis.  This miracle root can even arrest feelings of nausea which migraine sufferers also complain of.

Make a tea out of ginger by putting slices of ginger in two cups of water.  Simmer in a covered pan for about half an hour or more.  Cool and sip the ginger tea.   Relax and enjoy this wonderful tea.


Chamomile is a relaxing tea that can easily calm and offer relief for tension headaches.  Chamomile tea bags are found in almost all stores.  Pour boiled water into a cup and dip the tea bag for about 10 to 15 minutes.  If you wish, you could add raw honey to make an enjoyable drink.

Peppermint essential oils

Many naturopaths claim that peppermint foot baths offer some remedy to headaches.  It works by drawing blood from your head to your feet thus lessening pressure on blood vessels near the head.

The aroma given-off by peppermint oils also has a soothing and calming effect.

Sometimes, the best cures for headaches are just lying around your house.  Your kitchen may have a wealth of herbs that can help ease that headache.  Try looking around your pantry before going to your drugstore.

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Psychological disorders can be lethal. The mind is probably the trickiest part of the human anatomy because however, it functions, it will always have a significant effect on the rest of the body which can either be beneficial or destructive. Among the many different psychological disorders known, eating disorders probably are the greatest threat to humans. Eating disorders are highly destructive to both emotional and physical well-being suffering from it. People with eating disorders may suffer from a lot of symptoms that may vary from individual to individual. The effect of these eating disorders are so dramatic and can be deadly for others especially for some who do have poor mental health.

In today’s modern world where media hold great influence to almost all aspect of society, most specifically in the field of lifestyle and beauty, people have now become more conscious about how they can fit in. With the high standard that is set by trends that are highlighted through social media sites and other forms of media, people are trying their best to join the bandwagon. Unfortunately, double standards are inevitable. Everyone is trying to make themselves like others for them to belong. Today, media is the most powerful tool to spread influence in the present time.

In this modern society, body figures have now become a huge deal that a lot of people most especially women are very much concerned about how they can keep up with the standards in the society they live in. It is as if acceptance is dictated by how you appear in social media and in public and it’s as if the way others see other people is the way to see themselves. It is no wonder why other people have resorted to changing themselves, some even go to extreme measures. Some have gone to extreme diets that tend to lead to self- starvation, and some even go as far as plastic surgery.

People look up to what they see on media –  on TV, social media sites, on the Internet and magazines. Media has since been in our lives wherever we go. It plays an integral role in spreading ideas, trends, style and other information to people. Media has a way of highlighting what seems to be good in this world. On TV, we see models and celebrities and how they seem to be liked by many people because they look almost perfect. People try to be perfect and it is human nature to strive for perfection. However, there is always fault in the system. Gaining weight has become a concern for some people. For some people, it can become a mild concern but for some, it can develop into fear which can result to people developing a health disorder.

People with eating disorders obsess about their food intake. People who suffer such conditions often are intimidated by what they see on media and so they try to be like the image they see on media. They tend to develop low self-esteem that leads them to do things excessively even when not needed. Health disorders are serious illnesses that should be treated right away as it affects not only the emotional well-being of the person but on physical health as well where it is most impacted.

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Any eating disorder can be serious and can be fatal illnesses that cause severe disturbances to a patient’s behavior to eating. People with such illnesses often have obsessions with food, body shape and weight which can be excessive and can lead to severe complications brought about by excessive attempts of patients to manipulate their body. Eating disorders tend to start at adolescence age not only due to puberty factors but may also be due to societal factors that impact a person. These conditions can also be carried to adulthood if not detected or treated earlier.

One of the most common eating disorder is Bulimia Nervosa. Bulimia is an obsessive compulsive eating disorder. People with bulimia have the tendency to consume large amounts of food in a short period of time. People affected by this condition can take up food that may exceed to 3,000 calories in an hour only to throw them up after.

Bulimia is a condition similar to Anorexia since it is also a mental illness concerned about resistance to gaining weight. Unlike anorexia, a bulimic patient does not resort to eating less to any. Instead, a person with bulimia is caught in a cycle of taking in a large quantity of food which is regarded as “bingeing” and then “purging”, that leads to vomiting which can be induced by taking laxatives or diuretics in order to prevent gaining weight.

Bulimic patients feel that they have lost control of their eating and evaluates themselves according to their weight and form. Unlike anorexia, bulimic patients often have their weight at a normal healthy range however the mental state worsens the situation. People who suffer this condition tend to get intimidated and guilty about their eating behavior. People in this condition eat excessively and as quickly as possible to feel happier and fill whatever hole they feel inside but feel emotionally upset and guilty afterward thus resolving to take laxatives or force themselves to throw up whatever food they ate.

Like anorexia, bulimia causes patients to have very low self-esteem that may result to self-harm. These kinds of disorders do not only affect the patient’s health but as well as their relationships. Some may experience symptoms such as tiredness, the feeling of bloating, abdominal pain, constipation, irregular menstruation (for girls) and more. While depriving your body of food is bad for the body, forcing your body to take in food beyond their limit is not beneficial to health as well.

When a patient is vomiting excessively, it can develop to problems with the teeth and laxative misuse can lead to heart complications. In some instances, bulimia can start developing from anorexia but not all cases.

Since mental illnesses need to be seriously addressed, the family and friends of the patients must continuously give their family member suffering from this condition support to help them recover and have the will to correct their eating patterns and instead eat healthily.

An In-Depth Understanding to Anorexia Nervosa

Ever know or saw someone so thin they actually look like they’re going to be blown out somewhere whenever it gets windy? Ever know someone who eats so little but feels guilty about eating what they feel like they binged out a serving for five people? If so, maybe you should advise them to see the doctor – something is definitely alarming about them.

In this modern era where body figures are a huge deal in the society, a lot of people most especially women are very much concerned about how to keep their figures acceptable by the society. It is as if their acceptance to their society depends solely on their appearance and with that alone, gaining weight has become a concern to some people. For others, it can become a mild concern but for some, it can develop into fear which can result to people developing a health disorder.

Anorexia is a serious mental illness associated with the mentality of keeping their body weight low – excessively. It is a potentially dangerous and life threatening condition characterized by fear of gaining weight resulting for a person with anorexia to resort to starvation to achieve weight loss which can be excessive. Although this condition appears to anyone, it is most common in girls during adolescence which may be carried into adulthood.

People with anorexia (anorexia nervosa) keep their weight low by extreme dieting, induced vomiting, by taking laxatives or exercising excessively. Since it is a mental illness, anorexics see themselves differently compared to what normal people see them in terms of their body. For instance, seeing a distorted image of themselves thinking they are too fat even when they are not. Some patients even often hear from their subconscious voices telling them how fat they are. This leads them to go to extreme measures just to lose the “extra” weight that they think they have.

Anorexic people often see weight loss as an achievement that boosts their confidence. These people tend to have very low confidence and poor self-esteem. Being a mental illness, this is probably one of the reasons why some affected by it often go to great attempts to hide their behavior from their loved ones. However, some may also not be aware that they have such condition. Along with this mentality, comes depression, anxieties, alcohol misuse and even suicidal tendencies.

This mental illness is a serious condition due to the effects of starvation on the body. Since the body is deprived of nutrients that the body needs for normal function, physical problems can occur such as loss of muscle and bone strength that lead to osteoporosis, menstrual cycle for women will get irregular or will stop and men can suffer from impotence.

Correcting the mentality of the patient is needed to teach the body to take in food and not reject it. Family plays an integral part in the recovery of a patient with anorexia. This illness can only be cured through the willingness of the patient to cure themselves with the help of other people’s encouragement.