how to maximize vacuum lifespan

Buying your own vacuum cleaner is a great investment. Over the years, a lot of people have invested in different types of vacuum cleaners in the market. It is important that you know exactly how to maximize the vacuum cleaner is a good way not only to save some money but to also keep your area clean.

Replace the bag often

One of the things that you have to remember is that airflow is an important thing that you always have to consider whenever you are buying a vacuum cleaner. One way to ensure that you have the optimum air flow in your machine is to replace the bags often.

If your bag is full, this only means that the motor is also going to work harder in order to do its job. And if you make it a habit to let the bag go full before replacing it, you eventually add more wear and tear to your vacuum cleaner’s motor. And once your motor gives up, keep in mind that it becomes more practical in most situations to replace the entire unit.

Cleaning the filter

It is also important to make sure that you clean the filter of your vacuum cleaner. The same as improving the airflow in your unit, it can also help minimize the work that has to be done by the motor. Reusable filters are easy to wash. In addition to this, it may take months before you have to clean it.

This is an easy maintenance for your vacuum cleaner. However, not only is it going to prolong the lifespan of your vacuum cleaner, you can also expect the unit to function better eliminating more particles as you clean.

Replacing the belts

Upright vacuum and those models that make use of a power head will need to make sure that the belt is fully functional for the agitator. This is the part that makes the head spin. Now, if the belt is already worn out, you can also expect an expected decrease in the ability of the vacuum cleaner to clean. One of the signs that you should watch out for is the smell of burning rubber.

However, even if there’s no smell of burnt rubber, make it a habit to check the vacuum cleaner’s belt every 12 to 18 months. Also, if you are already noticing that the vacuum cleaner isn’t cleaning the way that it used to, perhaps you can check the belt already.

If you are going to invest in a vacuum cleaner, be sure that you are going to read the manual. This can help you figure out how to make sure that you maximize the vacuum cleaner. By knowing the basic maintenance, you will be able to make the vacuum cleaner to last regardless if it is an upright or even a canister type vacuum cleaner.

But of course, be sure that before you buy one, do a lot of research by checking these best vacuum cleaner reviews. Try to see which product is actually worth investing in. Try to compare the products with similar price range and specs.

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