As human beings, we are all so prone to external diseases mainly caused by our own wrong doings and mishaps. We always aim to be healthy and fit so that we can finish our tasks and works perfectly and without delay. However, as careful and as healthy as we are, we can’t get away with the most common health issues faced by the majority of the people in the world. In this matter, we won’t talk about rare illnesses but rather on the known ones that are scattered in our status quo. These diseases and advice on how to cure them may not necessarily appear to be effective to all since there are a lot of factors to be considered. However, it will ensure the utmost avoidance on being afflicted with these diseases.


Malnourishment is common among children and some teenagers. A famous writer, Jose Rizal once quoted “The faith of our nation lies with the children of the generation”. In a general sense, this quotation functions to all countries with different languages, races, and cultures. Though one of the main reasons why these particular children are experiencing these is the incompetence of the government, we can still prevent this from happening through donating foods and vitamins for the kids. In this simple ways, we can help them build their lives, stand up, and be the change we need in the world.


Among all ages, this type of health issue is the hardest and the easiest to cure given certain circumstances. This illness is a matter between a person and himself after suffering from a certain event. The presence of exterior factors like families, friends, doctors, may cure this or may make it worse. According to philosophers, after sadness is always a happy event and the cycle go round forever.  As human beings, if we see a person depress, we tend to empathize to their grief and mourn with them. Furthermore, it is also our task to help them overcome this depression through being with them. Else, it may lead to a plus one to the death count of humans.


Obesity is not an easy issue to face with. Our love to food weakens the resistance of our body in matters of consumption. In other words, it’s hard to not eat the food we want even though we know that it won’t be beneficial to our health. Obesity is often cured through a series of surgeries or exercises but can easily prevent through a very simple idea, mind set. Check out these helpful tips on eating disorders.

Environmental diseases

They say that the diseases we acquire as well as the calamities we often encounter are all punishments from Mother Nature. There is no exact evidence to support this claim. However, it seems true regardless of the fact. As the owners of the world we live in, it is just important to take care of it so that we’ll be able to live happily and peacefully. These environmental diseases can be prevented if in our own simple ways, we’ll take care of our community- keeping it clean, safe, and peaceful.

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