The human society is considered as one of the largest group of people who live in a certain civilization. However, due to its vastness and largeness, we are divided solely by islands and borders which are made up of multiple communities. In a single community, a leader is selected to hear the calls of the people and suggest certain actions towards the betterment of the group. Though, the members of the community each play a great role in making their place a better one as well as making the lives of their fellow men safe, secure, and in peace.

The question that often comes to mind is “How can you help them?” There are a lot of answers to this question. The smallest things you can do for your community is one way to help the world a better place. Listed below are some of the ways that can give a contribution towards the community you live in and will surely help in making your place a great one.


The act of volunteering is defined by intellects as submitting one’s self to a certain task that can benefit the people without asking for something in return. In your community, numerous happenings may occur. Calamities like famine, Typhoon, chaos, and diseases may strike your place anytime. Thus, immediate responses from those who aren’t affected are through volunteering and helping the authorities in solving the crisis they are facing. Others who don’t have enough money may choose to offer labor and time. All these are priceless efforts that will surely aid your community towards its betterment.

Buy local products

A common trend to the people most especially the young ones is the purchasing of imported products from other countries. Though it’s their own choice and other people can’t do anything about it, it’s best to know that purchasing the products made by our fellow workers is an efficient way to help them overcome their struggles. The knowledge on this certain aspect can help you in choosing and in distinguishing which item will you purchase.

Do some community clean ups

What’s much safer and healthier than a community of green and lushes grasses free of trashes?  Even in segregating your own garbage and throwing them properly in the right place is one way of helping your community. It will not just provide clean and fresh air in your area but will also raise awareness towards other people regarding the importance of cleanliness in the world we live in.

Planting trees

The act of tree planting, often, is not seen in urban areas.  In these certain places, tall building and smoking infrastructures and industries are preventing them from inhaling fresh air. One way to help our community, as well as Mother Nature, is to plant more trees. The trees are not just dancing with the wind, but they as well give us the purest air we breathe.  They seep water from floods and prevent massive damage to a city. Thus, planting more of them will be of great help to your community.

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