Composting is an important element to any home gardening project. Not only does it give you an easily accessible source of organic fertilizer, it also lets you do your part for the environment. This is because composting is perhaps the best way to get rid of biodegradable materials.

Of course, when it comes right down to it, it is virtually undeniable that we have come a long way in terms of how we compost. Gone are the days of simple backyard compost piles. Nowadays, home gardeners have the ability to make better composts with much greater efficiency and simplicity.

Why Should You Start Composting?

Before anything else, readers need to understand the importance of their composts. Needless to say, composting is a crucial aspect to any home gardening plan. This is because they give you a sustainable source of organic fertilizer for your garden.

Most people are unaware of the fact that most garden soil does not have enough nutrients to sustain plants on a long-term basis. This is why it is vital that you make full use of organic fertilizers to pick up the slack. Well-fed plants, after all, are generally more productive and easier to look at than those that are not.

Continuous Composters

Continuous composters are made from enclosed bins which are meant to handle all sorts of materials. This can range from your kitchen scraps to the yard waste. Due to the fact that they are sealed with a lid, rodents and other unwanted critters should be no problem at all.

These composters are earned their name because it lets you add materials to the pile at any given time. The compost generation process itself can take some time, however. There is also a finished compost filter at the bottom of the bin which you can remove every now and then.

Batch Composters

Batch composters are perfect for gardeners looking to get more compost as quickly as possible. However, this particular type of compost can also be demanding in terms of planning and effort.  Without a doubt, a batch composter is the quickest way for you to create your own compost.

The tumbling action is what makes this particular composter into an efficient machine. The simple action can dramatically accelerate the whole composting process. To give you a better idea of how efficient it is, imagine harvesting the final product in a short a time as four to eight weeks.

OF course, readers also need to be aware that using this particular composter entails some level of responsibility. The composters need to be turned on a daily basis. You will also need to regularly check for sufficient moisture. As you prepare one batch, you can already start amassing the materials you will be needing for the next one.

This article discusses the different ways to compost. In particular, it delves into the two main types of composters. It explains briefly how the continuous composters and the batch composters differ from each other. It also explains the fundamental importance of the compost for your home garden.

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