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There are a lot of nutritional products in the market today. It is due to the fact that people are becoming conscious of what they are going to eat. However, one popular option is the turmeric tablets supplement.  One of the reasons for its popularity is the molecule called curcumin. It is the ingredient that turns the turmeric an orange hue.

What exactly makes it a good nutritional product?

Curcumin is considered an inflammation blocker. This means that it can help address different diseases including cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and even your common colds. It has the ability, according to its believers, to even replace a good number of commercially available medicines in the world. Aspirin, ibuprofen, and even warfarin can be replaced by turmeric capsules.

How exactly does it work?

The chemistry behind turmeric is quite complicated. However, it can be simplified by first discussing what tumor necrosis alpha is. It is a signaling protein that starts the process of inflammation. There are some medications designed by big pharmaceutical companies meant to stop TNFa. It has been used in treating different inflammatory diseases including psoriasis and arthritis.

But of course, there are still a lot of things that should be discussed about turmeric. For one, has it been tested on humans? It has been proven that it is edible and it can even be used as food. However, can this nutritional product be an alternative to popular medicine? In reality, it is still up for debate. For one, it has been mainly tested on animal subjects and not on human subjects.

However, a lot of researchers remain optimistic about the possibilities of using turmeric in your daily meals. For instance, there have been cases wherein turmeric has significantly improved the cases of dementia. Based on a study, turmeric has the ability to decrease plaque buildup in the brain.

In India, where turmeric is a mainstay in different dishes, there’s appears to be less number of people having dementia. Though this finding is still inconclusive, it does show a lot of potential, especially for a food to slow down the rate of dementia.

Not that special?

There are some researchers, on the other hand, that believe that though turmeric can provide you with benefits, it isn’t exactly a miracle nutritional product that some people claim it to be. It has been argued that even spices such as cinnamon and oregano can actually do the same benefits.

Are you supposed to eat it?

Despite the inconclusive results of different scientists, one thing is for sure, it won’t hurt to try to incorporate turmeric into your food. There is little to no risk even if you are going to add a couple of teaspoons of turmeric in your meals every day.

The only thing a lot of medical experts are worried about is the reality that there are some individuals that will look at turmeric tablets as the solution to some of their conditions. In a lot of situations, this can be harmful since they’d rather self-medicate than let the experts do their job.

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