Headaches are quite a common complaint among many people,  young or old.  Headaches can run from the very subtle or extremely painful and throbbing.  It can be short-lived as in the case of mild headaches or may last for days as it is with a migraine.

For generations, acupressure has helped a good number of patients suffering from a migraine.  Pain above the neck area is usually triggered by too much tension in the muscles and vascular imbalance.  Pain can be managed efficiently via acupressure inasmuch as the pain points are quite palpable and so even the slightest application of pressure on these points could bring instant relief.  Acupressure enables to the body to give off endorphin – a known pain killer naturally produced by the body.

Which regions in the body should you apply pressure to in order to stop a pounding headache?

The face and head region

Pressure points on the face are teeming with energy.  This energy when activated flows down from the head and face.  The third eye is found in the gap between your eyebrows and considered still a part of your forehead.  When you apply pressure on this area for a minimum of one minute, you will soon feel some relief from a headache and even eye strain.  As a bonus, it also aids in concentration.

Meanwhile, pressure points on the temple area start slightly above the ear and about four more points down, following the curve of your ear.  For great results, apply pressure on these five points simultaneously.   This offers relief for tension-type headaches as well as headaches caused by dental conditions.

Let’s go to the nostril area where two more pressure points are found. These points are found on each side of your nostrils.  When you have a tension headache or sinuses, applying pressure on these is the best route.

The neck and shoulder region

Now, let’s proceed to the neck and shoulder regions.  Do you know that there are two important pressure points found in these areas?    At the back of your neck, you will find the “wind pool”.  Feel the back of your neck near its base.  Find the two spots between your spine and your left and right ear.  Applying pressure on these two areas simultaneously will help ease migraines and can even unblock congestion in the nasal passages.  Let’s move down to your shoulders.  Feel that point between each shoulder and the back of your neck.  Once found, apply some pressure.  This will relieve a headache that is caused by neck stiffness.

Acupressure, a good alternative

A headache is experienced by many people and while it is a common occurrence, it shouldn’t be ignored.  While there are a lot of pain killers available over the counter, acupressure can be used as an alternative to treating migraine or a headache.   It is inexpensive and you don’t have to visit your physician because you can do it right in the comforts of your home.

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