Psychological disorders can be lethal. The mind is probably the trickiest part of the human anatomy because however, it functions, it will always have a significant effect on the rest of the body which can either be beneficial or destructive. Among the many different psychological disorders known, eating disorders probably are the greatest threat to humans. Eating disorders are highly destructive to both emotional and physical well-being suffering from it. People with eating disorders may suffer from a lot of symptoms that may vary from individual to individual. The effect of these eating disorders are so dramatic and can be deadly for others especially for some who do have poor mental health.

In today’s modern world where media hold great influence to almost all aspect of society, most specifically in the field of lifestyle and beauty, people have now become more conscious about how they can fit in. With the high standard that is set by trends that are highlighted through social media sites and other forms of media, people are trying their best to join the bandwagon. Unfortunately, double standards are inevitable. Everyone is trying to make themselves like others for them to belong. Today, media is the most powerful tool to spread influence in the present time.

In this modern society, body figures have now become a huge deal that a lot of people most especially women are very much concerned about how they can keep up with the standards in the society they live in. It is as if acceptance is dictated by how you appear in social media and in public and it’s as if the way others see other people is the way to see themselves. It is no wonder why other people have resorted to changing themselves, some even go to extreme measures. Some have gone to extreme diets that tend to lead to self- starvation, and some even go as far as plastic surgery.

People look up to what they see on media –  on TV, social media sites, on the Internet and magazines. Media has since been in our lives wherever we go. It plays an integral role in spreading ideas, trends, style and other information to people. Media has a way of highlighting what seems to be good in this world. On TV, we see models and celebrities and how they seem to be liked by many people because they look almost perfect. People try to be perfect and it is human nature to strive for perfection. However, there is always fault in the system. Gaining weight has become a concern for some people. For some people, it can become a mild concern but for some, it can develop into fear which can result to people developing a health disorder.

People with eating disorders obsess about their food intake. People who suffer such conditions often are intimidated by what they see on media and so they try to be like the image they see on media. They tend to develop low self-esteem that leads them to do things excessively even when not needed. Health disorders are serious illnesses that should be treated right away as it affects not only the emotional well-being of the person but on physical health as well where it is most impacted.

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