1. Migraine

Migraine can cause throbbing pain sensation. This usually occurs only to one side of the head. The exact cause of migraine is hard to tell. However, before migraine takes into effect, these are the common symptoms to be observed;

A. Sensitivity to light or sound
B. Mood swings
C. Food cravings
D. Stiffnecks
E. Increased urination and thirst
F. Nausea
G. Eye pain
H. Frequent yawning
I. Constipation
J. Vomitting


2. Cluster Headaches

Cluster headaches are a daily series of short headaches that goes on for weeks or months. The exact cause of cluster headaches are unknown. However, there are symptoms before cluster headaches occurs. These symptoms are usually observed;

A. Swollen eyelid
B. Runny nose
C. Red eyes
D. Flushed face
E. Restless feeling

There are also things that triggers cluster headaches. These includes;

A. Smoking
B. Alcohol
C. Change of weather
D. Strong odor
E. Bright lights
F. Hot showers


3. Concussion Headaches

A concussion is a mild traumatic injury. This is due to a shock or something that causes the head and the brain to shake quickly back and forth. Because of this it can alter the mental state of the person and might as well become unconscious.

A. Distorted memory
B. State of confusion
C. Slow reflexes
D. No sense of balance
E. Dizzyness
F. Irratability
G. Drosiness
H. Nausea
I. Light and noise sensitivity
J. Mild headaches
K. Vomitting


4. Ocular Migraine

Ocular migraine is also known as retinal migraines. It is an eye condition which causes visual problems and if worse, blindess. The blindness usually occurs on one eye and lasts for some time like an hour or so. This problem is rare that it is most likely to occur to 0.5% of all people who have migraine.

Ocular or retinal migraines has these symptoms;

A. One side of the head is in effect
B. Feels in pain
C. Nausea
D. Has a pulsating feeling
E. It feels worse when you move your head
F. Vomitting



5. Caffeine Headache

There are plenty of people who likes caffeinated drinks such as coffee and energy drinks. However, this might cause a certain kind of headache as well. Caffeine can cure and cause headaches so there is a need to understand which one cures and which one causes it.

These are some of the caffeine headache symptoms;

A. Headache
C. Blocked sinuses
D. Insomnia
E. Nausea
F. Vomitting
G. Brain fog
H. Muscle pain
I. Depression
J. Lethargy
K. Constipation
L. Sleepiness
M. Stuffy nose

What to take for caffeine headache? There are a number of remedies from over the counter pain medicines, natural treatments or just sleep!

6. Sinus Headache

Sinus and migraine are often confused to be the same. This is because the signs and symptoms of these two usually overlaps. However, the difference might be this; sinuses are usually not associated with nausea or vomitting which are common indications for migraines.

These are some of the symptoms of sinuses;

A. Runny nose
B. Fever
C. Swelling of face
D. Ear problems


7. Stress

Stress can lead to several kinds of problems. One problem that stress can cause are headaches. This works in an annoying way for stress has the potential to make you have headaches and headaches stresses you more. The best way to start and help yourself is to get rid of stress. Well, we experience a lot of stresses in our daily lives. In other words, we can not stop stress. It is part of life. However, we can lessen the stresses we receive and make it under control. There are plenty of ways to lessen stress, these includes;

A. Yoga
B. Meditation
C. Sleep
D. Stress balls

Check out this information on the different types of headaches today.

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