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Essential oils have been part of human life for years in many cultures and nations. Essential oils serve multiple uses in everyday life. Essential oils are produced from extracts of different parts of a certain plant which individually produce their own uses and benefits.  It could be used to enhance psychological and physical well being of an individual, cosmetics, cleaning material and most of all, it could serve as a medicine to enhance health of the person depending on what and how the product is used.  The thing about essential oils is that in terms of using it for medicine, it is pretty much organic that it provides no side effect.


This is a plant that many of us see with the color violet and many of us like. Aside from its breathtaking blooms, lavenders are very fragrant which is also why many uses this as an ingredient in making perfumes.  The thing about lavenders that made it very useful and common in making essential oils is that because it is equipped with soothing and calming qualities that calms irritation, relieves anxiousness and depression, and cures insomnia. This herb is very good for the skin which promotes perfect benefits of essential oils.  Therefore essential oils basically offer fragrance and advantages with lavenders in it.


This is a menthol plant which is considered as one of the ancient European herbs that are used for medicine.  It goes back to Greek Mythology too. This is frequently used as food flavouring and to add fragrance to make-ups and soaps. Peppermint as essential oil can even serve as a medicine to improve one’s health that can be supplements for the body and ointments for the skin. Similarly to lavenders, an essential oil with peppermints provides a calming effect and cool sensation to the body. This is suggested to certain illness like nausea and gastric lining as it has the capacity to reduce muscular spasms. It even refreshes the breath,  cure headaches, increase mental capacity or focus, and even boosts energy. However, peppermints could result to side effects and are dependent to the person who intakes medication as it affects with the peppermint. Its basic use and benefit is for dietary supplements and skin care.


This is from a evergreen tree that mostly grows in Australia. The thing about eucalyptus is that it heals wounds fast which was a basic ingredient for folk medicine. This cleanses toxic in the body that allows it to heal certain common sickness. It can even provide nourishment, like our hair. It can even serve as a cleaner as it removes dirt. Eucalyptus also reduces odor, removes spots and treats wounds. It doesn’t also work as a medicine but it is also useful for the household as essential oils from eucalyptus can be converted to certain products that could be used at home.  Moreover, it boosts the immune system of the person, soothes anxiety and stress,  cure respiratory issues,  improve skin care, prevents and manages diabetes, and decreases inflammatory activities. However, the raw product of eucalyptus is poisonous, potent and very dangerous for any person unable to know its qualities. Also, taking enough and appropriate amount of eucalyptus must me noted. Intake of unofficial measure is dangerous as it is extremely toxic. Get more information in this healthy living blog.

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