feeding deer with game and animal feeders

Animal watching has become an interesting hobby. One of the best ways to attract wild animals to your property is by using different types of game feeders.

Bird, deer and other animal feeders help to bring the animals in and help to keep them coming back when they know the food will be there.

One of the best ways to attract them is choosing the best food that will provide the nutrients they may not get from the cold winter months when the snow keeps the grass covered. Deer will eat almost any vegetation, tree bark tends to be the only food they can find that does not provide much nutrition. Offering quality feed found here can help them survive, stay strong and healthy.

Regardless of whether you are hunting deer, observing other animals, or trying to entice them into your yard, a game feeder is the most effective means of attracting them.

At the moment there are different types of feeders and choosing the best one takes some consideration. Both the gravity style and the timed or programmable feeders have benefits and drawbacks, but how do you identify the best option for your feeding?

Trough feeders are simply like a tray that offers food much like a buffet and the problem here is that it is open to any type of animal to feed from.  Food will not last long and you’ll be constantly refilling it.

Gravity kinds can offer food with a control mechanism over the food dispersal ports where an animal needs to open it using their mouth to release the feed.

As shown above, some gravity models offer timed and battery operated automatic motors that release food form the feeder at pre-set times. This is a great way to control when and how much you feed them too. These models will spray food to a larger area around it allowing space if there are many animals utilizing the food.

There are websites that provide helpful information to point out the pros and cons of the many types of game feeders. You can learn a thing or two about picking the best deer feeder from the folks over at feedthatgame.com.

If you are looking for the best feeding options including a variety of brands and models of the latest and new releases, see their reviews to get the information you’ll need to make your purchase.

Feeding wild animals and helping them survive long winters is not only humane but offers enjoyment while watching them at your feeders.

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