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Growing fruits and vegetables is fast becoming a major world trend. As the pandemic forced most of us to stay home, many people started their own gardens and grew their own produce. These people began growing their food not only to feed their families but also to donate to those in need.

For those who have the desire to grow edible plants but lack the space for a backyard garden, they have opted to grow edible plants indoors. Many people live in urban housing areas with little to no land, so having a garden indoors makes a lot of sense.

If you live in an apartment building where there is no space for an outdoor garden, it can be a challenge to grow plants, let alone cultivate edible plants. However, this is not impossible. Indoor garden technology is gaining a lot of ground, offering an optimal growing environment.

From hydroponics to indoor grow light technology, it is now possible to grow fresh produce all year round.

9 Edible Plants to Get you Started

Thinking of starting your indoor food garden? Here is a list of 9 easy-to-maintain edible plants to help you get started.

  1. Carrots

Carrots are one of the easiest vegetables to grow indoors because the moisture level in the soil is simple to maintain.

  1. Lemons

Instead of cultivating them from seeds, your best bet is to buy a pot of an existing lemon tree. The branches must be kept moist, so it needs proper watering and care.

  1. Tomatoes

You just need a 6-inch pot of soil to grow tomatoes, and stakes to keep the branches upright as they grow. Dwarf tomatoes are the best variety to grow indoors.

  1. Ginger

A favorite of in-home gardeners, ginger loves humidity and partial sunlight. Regular misting and well-drained soil are also important.

  1. Scallions

Scallions are low-maintenance plants, ready to be harvested in about 8-10 weeks. They are also easy to regrow – just put the scallion scraps you used for cooking in a cup of water.

  1. Mushrooms

Mushrooms grow best in a dark, moist environment, and it usually takes about 4-5 weeks to see the results.

  1. Microgreens

Often seen in expensive restaurants, microgreens can be ready to harvest in only two to three weeks. All they need is a sunny place and a shallow container.

  1. Kale

When growing kale, sow the seeds a bit farther apart to give them sufficient space to grow. In about a week, you should be able to see sprouts growing!

  1. Radishes

Grown by a lot of beginners, are quick to harvest and easy to grow. They prefer a cooler environment, so it is perfect for indoor gardening! Since it is a root vegetable, you need a deep pot to allow it to grow properly.

Key Things to Remember

To successfully grow fruits, vegetables, and other edible plants indoors, here are a few basic things to remember:

  • Place the seeds and plants in a spot where they get plenty of sunlight. However, the spot shouldn’t be too sunny or they could burn your plants. If there is no such spot inside your home, invest in grow lights for plants.
  • Select containers that have good drainage.
  • Keep plants away from fireplaces or heat vents that could dry them out.
  • Use high-quality potting soil with plant fertilizers.
  • Use a spray bottle to mist your plants with water every day.

Growing plants inside can be fun and very therapeutical as well as providing home grown fresh vegetables.

The money you will save will pay for any costs you incur to get started.

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