Weight Loss Supplements: L-Carnitine vs. Stimulants Based Products

There are a good number of people today looking to lose weight. Losing weight not only helps boost your confidence. It can also help prolong your life. In fact, if you are looking for a way to lose weight effectively, it is always a good idea to invest in the right type of supplement. One of the things that you commonly see are weight loss products that include stimulants in their ingredients. What it does is raise your metabolic rate by stimulating the adrenal gland.

However, there are a lot of experts today that are no longer going for stimulant-based products. Instead, they are going after L-carnitine supplements. L-carnitine is now taking the spotlight away since it is also being used for pre-workout.

What is L-carnitine?

L-carnitine isn’t exactly new. In fact, back in the 80s, a lot of people were already using this supplement. However, it somehow fizzled out when the more powerful options came out. These options were all stimulants based alternatives.

L-carnitine is not an amino acid. In fact, it is an “amino acid-like” substance that is more related to vitamin B. The good thing about L-carnitine is that it is formed by the body in the liver and in the kidneys. It is a product of both lysine and methione. L-carnitine is stored mainly in the skeletal muscles. However, it can also be found in the heart and in the brain.

The role of L-carnitine is to transport long chain fatty acids into the mitochondria of the cells. In simple terms, you get to use the fats in your body as fuel. Without the L-carnitine in your diet, long chain fatty acids can’t go to the mitochondria that easy.

It helps get rid of stubborn fats

You can blame your genetics for your body. In fact, consider your problem areas the problem areas of your parents as well. L-carnitine addresses this problem. It uses fats stored in hard to remove areas.

Resist fatigue

Another reason to throw away your stimulants based pre-workout drink is the ability of L-carnitine to reduce the feeling of fatigue. When tested on cyclists, those who took L-carnitine were able to last 25 percent longer than those who didn’t.

And this isn’t surprising. Fats are not only burned but are processed to become ATP. This means that it becomes additional energy for someone who is using L-carnitine. No wonder that athletes are becoming more and more interested in using this supplement for their daily routine.

Enhances blood flow

It has also been proven that not only does it aid in fat metabolism, L-carnitine also helps in the overall circulation of blood in the muscles. This means that you get higher perfusion in muscle groups that are actually working.

L-carnitine doesn’t stress your liver

There’s a problem whenever you are using stimulant-based products. Eventually, it loses its effect. Your body becomes resistant to the stimulant. In addition to this, it also causes fatigue not only to your adrenal glands but also to your liver.

Weight loss is a tricky process. However, if you are going to choose between L-carnitine and coffee and other stimulant-based supplements, it is a good idea that you choose L-carnitine instead. This can help you lose weight in a healthier way.

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